Obama was Not born in Kenya

October 12, 2008

It is simply amazing the lengths to which some people will go to in electioneering.

It is even more amazing what dribble some gullible and mostly ignorant Americans  will believe.

I have no personal interest in who wins the American election one way or the other since we in Kenya nowadays prefer to deal and relate to the European Union and Asia. They are a whole lot more reasonable.

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The Facts

Very simple really:
– Obama is not and will never be Kenyan. Obama must get a visa to enter into Kenya.

– Obama was not born in Kenya
Although our records are not as uptodate as we would like, we have no records of an Obama or Barack born in the whole coast province.

While some Kenyans are not listed in our registry, most of these Kenyans are those that were not born in a hospital.
All hospitals are required to keep records and have been keeping them since 1947.

We have records of all births in all hospitals in the Coast Province. We have all records from Coast General Provincial Hospital.

There is no record of any Ann giving birth to any Obama or Barrack at the hopital.

We have no records of any birth certificate for the Name Barack Obama in 1961.

The only Barrack Obama certificates we have are for the many newly christened children born between 2007 and 2008.

Unfortunately, I must also admit that acquiring a fake birth certificate in Kenya is very easy (as it is in many countries). This however will not make the certificates genuine. They are still fakes unless they match our records.

Again, we have not registered all Kenyans. But those we have registered, we have records of.

This means that if anybody has a birth certificate from Kenya bearing the names “Barrack Hussein Obama”, they are holding a fake.

And lastly, for all those gullible Americans:

Obama is not an Arab name. Obama’s father was a Luo, A Nilotic tribe from Nyanza province. Very African.

Obama is a Nilotic Luo name.
If anything, accuse him of being a traditional nilote (But that would not be very scary would it?).